The word brio comes from the Italian language and means vivacity, mettle and spirit as in the musical phrase con brio.  Forsyth brio stands for the passion and mettle that goes with the Washington winemaking pioneering spirit. Forsyth Brio is born of 30 years of winemaking experience by David Forsyth in Washington State. Working with his wife, Suzie, they are making wines which illustrate the diversity of Washington State's terroir by producing vineyard designated Cabernet Sauvignon from a number of Washington's foremost grape growers. The uniqueness of the grapes and their sites bring the wine personality and verve. Suzie, an artisanal bread baker, also makes sourdough starters from these same vineyards. Only two to three barrels of each wine are made annually and are available only through the Forsyth Family Vineyards wine club and a few select wine shops.    

For more information email david@forsythfamilyvintners.com 

Forsyth Family Vintners